A Pleasant Phesant

The world is a ridiculously small place. Years ago, I worked at a pet store with a girl who rivaled (and possibly exceeded) my passionate love of animals. Her name was Rehana. She had amassed a wealth of knowledge about animal care that astounded me, and she had a deep love of birds (starlings in particular). Eventually, as happens with people finding their way in the world, we lost touch after I stopped working at the pet store. I often feel bad about how easily wonderful people slip away, but life has a way of forcing us along.
College came, and I met another fantastic person there by the name of Amy. Because Facebook cropped up around that time, we managed to stay in touch despite the tides of life. I think it was through her friends list that I saw the familiar name, Rehana, and click on the profile. I saw that she was running an animal sanctuary, which was absolutely in keeping with the person I’d known, and I reached out. And I was thrilled that she remembered me! I learned though her website that her love of birds persisted, and that a little chicken had stolen her heart. That was the gateway chicken to many more who she would come to rescue, rehabilitate, and love.
I wanted to help. The sanctuary has an auction each year, and last year I offered a painting, feeling shy and silly about my new efforts (I’ve only been painting since June of 2021). This year, I wanted to produce something that might really get people’s attention so they will bid and help provide for the lives Rehana and her husband protect. I’m hoping that’s this pheasant. 🙂

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