about me

Hi.  I’m Natalie.  If I am going to tell you about myself, I should probably just explain who I was as a child. I liked being in the woods, drawing, and hanging out with animals. Being properly dressed or socially appropriate were tertiary concerns at best. The dress I am wearing in this photo was likely applied against my will. The rabbit nose I remember loving so much that the smell of it lingers in my memory.

None of that has changed except that I’ve gotten a little better at being appropriate in public and my clothes are (usually) not on inside out and backwards. I have two boys, now, to explore the woods with me, and a husband who is much more civilized than I am. When my brain has nothing else to do, it invents disease to kill me for a day or conjures up things to startle and entertain my sister (case in point: this awful photo of me with an octopus flying next to my head).