the project

Colored pencil and pen.  11″x14″

Art is a fundamental part of humanity. We have used it to capture so many aspects of human experience. Hand prints and ochre strokes on cave walls, carved figurines and beads, all are trappings that show how crucial it has always been for us to recreate our realities in aesthetics that deepen our life experiences. That desire still resonates today. My hope is to make affordable, personal, bespoke art for anyone, and I’d like to share the stories of these collaborative creations here. There will be no direct charge; I will regularly be taking requests for art from people who subscribe, and amount each person donates will be up to their discretion. I feel that art should be financially accessible, personal, and everywhere. I’m willing to try any medium and help you create something just for you.


I think it’s best to share my financial goals to clarify what I’m trying, and not trying, to do here. First of all, I’m not trying to become fabulously wealthy. My life is comfortable, and I don’t want to increase my wealth at the expense of others. I want your subscriptions to primarily supply my supplies, shipping, and the artistic hope of this art community so that you can enjoy the stories behind the art. I also want a target of 50% of subscription funds above and beyond my costs to go to worthy charities. As a thank you, I want to create a piece annually to send out to donors digitally.
While making the world a better, prettier place, I want to get art everywhere.

Watercolor.  5″x7″